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Compass We’re leadership and organization coaches who can help you build a culture of high performance into your business.

How? By reinvigorating the basics, developing discipline and consistency, and utilizing practical and innovative technologies. We’re not into management fads; we teach principles that work. Trimtabs are small devices that effect huge changes. In the mechanical world, trimtabs help large conveyances like boats or planes get into the desired position.

In the business world, TrimTab Solutions helps you, your team, or your organization get into the desired position of corporate success.

You may need our assistance...

  • If you or your employees are getting off course by working from assumptions instead of facts
  • When everyone isn’t operating in the same reality or not on the same page
  • When your company does more reacting to crises rather than acting upon opportunities?
  • If your workforce’s potential isn’t maximized because people aren’t focused
  • If your team is confused about company goals and how to achieve them
TrimTab’s technology and tools can help your company map a path to success.

Here’s the TrimTab Guarantee

The TrimTab Guarantee is very simple: if you do not get the value you want from the work we do, mark the invoice down or do not pay at all.

We’re confident offering this guarantee because:
  • We believe in the value of our services and will suggest only the programs suitable for your unique goals.
  • We’re selective about businesses and individuals we serve. If we agree to accept you as a client, it means we like what you are doing and believe we can help you create the results you want.

How Does TrimTab’s Services Work for Non-Profits?

TrimTab Solutions was founded by two guys who are unapologetically Christian, but who remain very respectful of other viewpoints, belief systems, worldviews, and convictions. We hope the same respect is given to us as well. While we are a "for-profit" enterprise, we value supporting organizations that do not have "profit" in their business formulae. It is with this in mind that we deeply discount our prices (at least 30%) for nonprofits.

If you look through our site and see anything of interest for your nonprofit effort, please contact us. Proof of being 501c3 (nonprofit) may be required. Also, please be aware that we can only serve a limited number of nonprofits at a time and typically operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

While all of the products TrimTab creates or provides will benefit nonprofit organizations, we have also created products specifically for nonprofits like the following:
GR8 Relationships
Are relationships complex? For most people, the answer is yes! A common statement heard is, “Our relationship is very complicated.” Why the complexity? It’s because of wrong standards, wrong definitions and wrong focus.
Preaching On Your Feet
Preaching on your feet is a unique method of pulpit communication. It involves being “in the moment,” not solely relying on prewritten sermon notes (though they can be very helpful), and staying open to what God might have in store during any given preaching appointment.
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