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Confident or Conceited?
Do you come across as self-assured or self-absorbed? Many of us think that we are appearing confident and instead we are appearing conceited to others. Take this assessment to find out how others see you. The results will give you an idea of whether it looks like confidence or whether it looks like too much.
Career Satisfaction
It is normal to wonder whether you are on the right track. Now you can find out. This assessment will let you know how much you are satisfied with your career situation, whether you may be selling yourself short or sticking in something that is not right for you, and if it seems that you are looking for a change.
Delegation Measure
This assessment will let you know how strong your delegation skills are. You will learn whether you are helping people improve their performance by allowing them to increase their capacity. The scoring will tell you how strong your delegation skills are and/or what areas you may need to work on.
Focused For Business Success
Many entrepreneurs are scattered between too many things and do not have the focus they need. There are two important areas of focus. One is strategic focus for the business. The other is the ability of the business owner himself or herself to obtain and maintain focus. You how focused you are.

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