Clear, persuasive, and powerful communication is possible with TrimTab's straightforward and simple tools.

Sure, some people have a personality and a presence that helps them when communicating...

...BUT you can be clear and persuasive too!

There are basic principles and tools to use with any communication that turn something common into persuasive and powerful.

No, you don't need to go back to school and get a communications degree...all you need is -

  • the Classic Form
  • the Rule of 3's & 4's
  • some basic Recipes

Structure is the essence of the THOUGHT-Talk System. Each of the above provide you structure for your communication.

The secret of THOUGHT-Talk is not only structure, but the use of "recipes" that provide you a repeatable structure to use for your communication.

If you want to build clear and powerful communication into your life, it's time to get our THOUGHT-Talk System workshop into your organization.

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