• Many can give a speech
  • Some can speak well and be entertaining or amusing
  • FEW can motivate others to learn and change
Below is a partial list of topics that are insightful, energizing, and interactive! You get information that involves the audience to give them the best chance to learn and even CHANGE THEIR LIFE!
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Critical Leadership Basics


  1. A Simple, Comprehensive and Powerful Leadership RECIPE!
  2. The CRITICAL Difference Between Good and Bad Leaders
  3. 5 Essential Capacities Every Leader MUST Have
  4. 3 Daily Priorities That Keep You Leading
  5. The 1 Formula ALL GR8 Leaders Know and Use Constantly

Getting Great Results


  1. What Every Leader Needs to Know about Getting Results
  2. What You Don’t Know About Structure Will Hurt You
  3. THP & ALA – The Secret Ingredients for Getting Things Done
  4. How to Focus Energy and Resources on What Matters

Underrated Value and Skills


  1. A CRITICAL Value You Probably Underrate and Ignore
  2. 2 Remarkable Skills Leaders Underrate and ignore
  3. Here is the Simple Key to Understanding People

Influence and Communication


  1. Discover the 5 Types of Influence and If You Use the Right Ones
  2. 6 Strategies You Must Know That Are Being Used On You
  3. Simple Warning Signs You Need to Know About Bad Communication
  4. Are You Reducing Productivity with Unclear Expectations?

Emotions and Productivity


  1. What Everyone Must Know About Their Emotions
  2. Here’s The Simple Secret to Making Positive Change in Your Life
  3. One Simple Tool That Can Increase Productivity and It’s FREE
  4. How to Make Your Purpose Work and Help Everyone LIVE It!

Personnel Performance


  1. The One Value That Every Organization Must Have in Every Function and Job
  2. A Simple Tool That Dramatically Reduces Subjectivity about Performance
  3. The Best Time to Talk to A Person About Performance
  4. What Every Leader Should Do Before Talking to a Person about Performance
  5. A Simple 4 Step Process to Help People Perform At Higher Levels

Leading Without Controlling


  1. How to Stop Controlling and Start Leading
  2. Learn How to Be Motivated Doing Mundane or Undesirable Tasks
  3. Discover What Drives You to Control and What Helps You Stop
  4. How to Reduce Complaining and Increase Accountability Using 2 Circles
  5. Most Leaders Delegate the Wrong Way – Learn How to Do it Right with THP

Developing Teamwork


  1. 4 Ingredients Needed for Developing a Great Team
  2. 3 Steps to Increasing Job Satisfaction
  3. The 4 Team Stages That You Ought to Know
  4. How to Turn Individuals into Teams by Reducing the PROBLEM and 5 Mistakes

Resolving Conflict


  1. What Everybody Ought to Know About Conflict
  2. Learn Which of the 5 Conflict Styles You Over and Under Use
  3. You Too Can Resolve Conflict with the Conflict RESOLVED Recipe Card

Facilitating Groups & Teams


  1. Time to Develop an Underrated and Highly Effective Leadership Style
  2. How to Use a Simple Structure to Make Meetings Effective – Even Highly Attended
  3. 6 Simple Tools That Help Facilitate Results

Changing You


  1. 5 Key Competencies That Will Turn You into a Strategic Thinker
  2. The Ugly Truth about 10 Leadership Flaws and 18 Common Mistakes
  3. 2 Powerful Tools to Prevent the Past from Controlling You

Help People Adopt Change


  1. What You Need to Know About a Catalyst That Will Help You Lead
  2. How to Help People Change When Change Is Needed
  3. 5 Elements to Measure Before and During Any Change
  4. Some Classic Change Processes and Why Appreciate Inquiry May Be the Best

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