Recipes for Clear and Powerful Communication


We are fighting fires. Our efforts seem constantly challenged by the confusion and second-guessing that thrives in our information soaked lives. Whether in the workplace, in government, in relationships, or in day-to-day living, we have nothing that wastes more time or causes more delays and setbacks than miscommunication. It seems like no matter how hard we try the words we share are misunderstood by the people we share them with. We get a driver's license because we have to learn a skill to get the results we want (arriving at our destination) with the greatest efficiency (we don't wreck or hurt others). Communication is an unlicensed superhighway filled with accidents just waiting to happen. 


THOUGHT Talk™ is a Next Level training experience designed to prepare participants to make a quantum leap in thinking and communication effectiveness. Over two thousand years ago, a stoic philosopher observed what neuroscience is only recently proving:
Whenever the speech is corrupted so is the mind.—Seneca
The intimate relationship between thinking and communicating unlocks the power to effectively grow to contribute in this world at the next level. The skill we each need isn't simply about how to say things clearly, but to effectively create the understanding in another person's mind. THOUGHT Talk™ is Driver's Ed for Communication Success.

One aspect of THOUGHT Talk™ Technology is to equip participants with communications recipes which can be honed and used at will for situation effectiveness. Knowing where to start, or what to say next, will be a thing of the past. Communication is largely about arranging thoughts for your audience, team, or partner.
Typical 2-Day Agenda
Powerful Communication Recipes
  1. You Can Communicate Like A Pro
  2. Time Recipe
  3. Structured Thinking is the Difference
  4. Points and Parts Thinking
  5. What Is A Recipe?
  6. Helping Your Listeners Hear You
  7. Places Recipe
  8. Story Recipe
  9. WIIFM Recipe
  10. Bar Ditches Recipe
  11. Spiral Recipe
Recipes That Add More Power
  1. Action Recipe
  2. Question Recipe
  3. Solution Recipe
  4. Painter Recipe
  5. Butterfly Recipe
Delivering Your Recipe
  1. Stage Fright
  2. Delivery Basics
  3. How to Start
  4. Critical Mistakes

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